ICAres-1 LUNARES 2017 ©Anna B. Gregorczyk

14 - 29 JULY 2018 Space Analogue

Mission SPECTRA LunAres Crew III

Mare Tranquillitatis, MOON 1.4°N 22.1°E



A site on Earth that produces effects on the mind/body similar to those experienced in space is called an Analogue. LUNARES is an isolated independent habitat and operational system with Mission Control Support in Poland. Expert teams design future-focused creative research experiments, physical, psychological and engineering challenges, habitability, art, science, education and outreach activities for crews in a MoonMars analogue mission simulation.

Meet the LunAres III Crew


A 2-week simulated Lunar mission at an Analogue station for the dedicated testing of integrated technical and biological systems, and application of interdisciplinary cooperation and innovative experimental approaches for future performance in lunar settlement scenarios. Each crew member performs their role, and functions as a hybrid researcher, research subject, technician, collaborator and cultural envoy.

Curious, experimental, innovative, and just a little bit adventurous when it comes to preparing for the new world...

LunAres III Crew

International Analogue Astronaut Crew of 6 interdisciplinary and intercultural professionals interested in high fidelity training, simulation and experience in cooperative activities to support complex multi-system operational protocols in hostile environments.

It takes a Village

Scientist-Astronaut Candidates, Analogue Astronauts, Mission Specialists, External Principal Investigators, On-site Mission Support and Remote Mission Command...


Alyssa Alikpala, Studio from Later, Inc. designed the LunAres III Crew SPECTRA mission patch.

The official Lunares III Crew SPECTRA mission patch features a laser light beam directed through a symbol echoing the crescent Moon shape. It combines references to the architectural features of the Lunares Dome, the Apollo Helmet, data mapping and the crystal lattice of precious materials. With the blackness of space beyond, and a spectra of colour refracted from it’s prism, the patch represents the seven nations of the crew and the seven research foci of this space analogue mission.