create a MoonVillage

Public-Private Partnerships

Partnerships unlock new possibilities for the Lunares 3 Crew by adding capacity for addressing challenges ranging from technology development, to infrastructure and training design, and from education to the commercialisation of space. With the generous support of Mission Partners, this unique European Analogue research environment enables our professional crew to work together to potentially create entirely new markets in space. In return, the crew creates opportunities for targeted research and development projects and explores novel ideas for our partners. Partnerships are a key component to driving innovation and leadership in space.

Lucy Electric LLC

Lucy Electric is a leader in secondary power distribution solutions with over 100 years’ industry experience. Specialising in high-performance medium voltage switchgear for utility, industrial and commercial applications, they enable the distribution of energy to planetary surfaces.

Practon Group

Practon Group provide expert innovative electrical solutions for complex mining, maintenance, infrastructure and project challenges, and bringing together experienced mining industry professionals with up to date knowledge and skills for training and project delivery. Practon VR is training astronauts.

Space Garden Company

Space Garden Company built the Lunares Station for the purpose of developing innovative space technologies resulting from scientific research.

Australia Council

Australia Council Fellow Dr. Sarah Jane Pell partners with Space Garden to design the trans-disciplinary analogue Lunares III Crew SPECTRA Mission.

Space professionals use the term architecting to describe the phased implementation and planning of mission, but such missions are neither autonomous nor unique to space professionals. We, as an entire crew, and as a global community of individuals, are all architecting and embarking on this mission.
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Research Collaborations

We are also grateful for the support and enagement with Principal Investigators, Co-investigators, and Artistic Collaborators. The critical contribution of research collaborations in our collective space mission supports the articulation of these new world ideas and convergence with associated space art and policy that is transformative, responsible, inclusive and visionary. Together we build a moon village through critical cultural Earth-Moon interactions.
1 Operational
Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform (MIVP) provides Pell with expert data visualisation guidance from the CAVE2 platform and Mission Command centre in Melbourne.

2 Scientific
Unthrered Exploration supports Samra and Radelescu perform a suite of Human Health and Performance research.

3 Experimental
The RMIT Exertion Games Lab provides TRL3 interactive technology for user-feedback. Levitate + Studio from Future provide novel prototyes for user-testing and concept development.

Cultural Communities - Within and Beyond

Education, Outreach and Community

From the development of symbolic ritual activites, to the publication of personal insights into the day-to-day life of a crew in a Lunar Simulation, the aim of a cross-platform of tools and media outlets is to inform, inspire and interact with global general and expert audiences alike. In space, there is room for everyone.

Omar Samra and Dr. Sian Proctor focus on STEAM education and outreach, access and inclusion, the team aim to amplify the individual crew experience; the mission; and broading impact and significance in human spaceflight and knowledge-building to inspire generations. They explore the design of platforms for openly sharing our journey, reflecting on processes and outcomes, trials and triumphs, and building connections bewteen the crew and to new audiences.

Public Events

  • CEREMONY: Avenue of Honour: Crew Pre-flight Tree-planting.
  • LAUNCH Media Event: Offical photos before leaving Earth.
  • PODCAST Daily episodes on understanding our need for space.
  • NEWSLETTER weekly Video and Print news service by Lunar Press.
  • DOCUMNETARY One Second Everyday of a 14-day analogue mission.
  • SCHOOLS Virtual classroom activities between Moon and Earth.
  • LANDING Media Event: Offical proceedings opne to public.

  • Artists-in-Residence, and in-collaboration

    As the LunAres III crew exchange, experiment and engage in collaborative activities, to explore new aesthetics resulting from the interactions with space assets as new world-builders, there emerges through these activations a further trans-disciplinary response to the attitudes, issues and possibilities of space.

    Dr. Sarah Jane Pell and Jaden Hastings are exploring the critical pathways, discourse and cultural practice surrounding space as inspiration for new works of art and new ways of working with art and space during a unique mission simulation.Through the exposition, publication and communication of works within a pop-up exhibition space, impromptu performances and new design tactics for engaging space phenomena are presented, increasing opportunities towards new trajectories for enabling discovery.

    Public Events

  • POP-UP LUNAR Gallery Showcasing creative development outcomes.
  • SCI-FI-LONDON Film curates pre-flight Analogue Astronauts Movie.
  • LIVE PERFORMANCE: Lunar Serenade from the habitat to the crater
  • ON-LINE networked events with media, artist collaborators on Earth
  • SALONS: Hosted discussions on Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Space
  • SPORT Lunar Olympiad: community, culture and competition.